Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Dan Smith will teach you anything under the sun

Dan Smith is notorious for his impressive flyer coverage throughout New York City. Countless coffee shop bulletin boards, bodegas, and stores of any kind for that matter have been graced with a Dan Smith poster. If you have seen the poster you know that Dan Smith teaches guitar, but does Dan Smith's infamy lie in his teaching skills? Clearly Dan Smith's true talents are that Dan Smith can flyer better than you.

This was the impetus for the first flyer of the "Dan Smith Will Teach You" series. The flyer, entitled "Dan Smith Will Teach You How To Flyer" is a commentary on Dan Smith's most admired skill, his guerrilla marketing and excellent NYC coverage.

The rest of the series enjoys some of the other things that Dan Smith may know and is willing to teach. From Quantum physics to sewing, Dan Smith will teach you whatever your needs happen to be.

We have just begun to flyer the city and we would love your help in getting this spread as well as Dan Smith does it himself.

Also Dan Smith's call to action number has been replaced by the alternate number 646.652.6215. This telephone number leads to an answering machine set up through a Skype account. The ensuing calls are to be recorded as mp3's and posted to a Dan Smith DIY website.

Included here is a scan of an original Dan Smith poster and a version that was cropped and cleaned up just a tad.

People are encouraged to to make their own Dan Smith posters and email them to Please use the telephone number 646.652.6215 as the call in number so to facilitate proper documentation of future answering machine messages.

I have included the first series Dan Smith posters. Fonts used were a squashed Trade Gothic Bold Condensed 20 with a stroke of 13pt (see here). To be most exacting I printed my files on 11x17 paper and cut it down to 8.5x11 because of the bleed at the local copier. I advise you do the same.

More documentation and photos to come..
Here's one example:


Anonymous said...

Dan Smith is a New York original. And imitation is the highest form of flattery. You are one in a long line of clownish imitators with nothing better to do.

How many guitar teachers do their thing so well that they have everybody from John Mayer to loser NYU students actually making parodies of their flyer?

As far as I'm concerned Dan Smith has more originality and creative vision in one of his farts than you do in your entire body.

Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to lighten up.